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New Pictures options 'The Territory' by Sarah Govett

New Pictures' Elaine Pyke has just acquired film rights in a deal brokered by Mark Casarotto of Casarotto Ramsay on our agency's behalf.

Sarah says 'I am really excited that New Pictures wanted to option the rights in my trilogy because they have such a great feel for teen entertainment and I think they will do a fantastic job visualising the dystopian storyline of THE TERRITORY. I wrote the novels in order to highlight the environmental and educational challenges that teenagers are facing today, so I'm delighted about the prospect of seeing the books come to life on TV.'

Firefly Press published the first in the trilogy THE TERRITORY in 2015 and it has had a brilliant reception being called 'The 1984 of our time' by the Guardian. The final volumne 'Truth' came out earlier this year.

Sally Mitchell