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New website and new paperbacks

Welcome to my updated and I hope more user-friendly website which will give you a better feel for the kind of authors and books we love best.

This month there are paperback editions published of two of the books from last year of which I am proudest - GROWING PAINS by Mike Shooter and THE SHEEP STELL by Janet White.

GROWING PAINS is unfortunately a book that has more relevance with each passing news story of the misery, depression and self harm of young people in the UK. Mike Shooter, retired President of the Royal College of Psychiatry whose entire working life has involved helping the troubled young, has written a book of profound importance and which is also gripping in its narrative. It is a book of stories - his own and his patients' - and is a passionate plea for the resources to help young people with time and talking therapy instead of an automatic prescription.

THE SHEEP STELL is the remarkable memoir of a shepherd - now in her 80s and still farming. Janet White was one of my first clients and her book has been reissued and updated with a new introduction from Colin Thubron. It is a book for anyone - especially any woman - who admires and is inspired by the courage to forge a life of their own ignoring society's expectation. Janet has been thrilled to spend her long life in wild and beautiful places. She is an exquisite stylist and it's a book that lingers and is speaking to a whole new generation.

Sally Mitchell